Not Zero, Be Net Zero: Changing the Story with Steve Thrall, Director at Planet Ark Power

Looking to be more sustainable with energy? Think about leveraging your roof. Hear the story of Steve Thrall, who shares how industry is embracing clean energy and expanding its use.

Our Guest

Steve Thrall is a renewables advocate who is committed to leading the transition to a clean energy world. He is the Director of Development – North America for Planet Ark Power. He leads their global expansion into the North America clean energy market using their game-changing technology, eleXsys™.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • The clean energy expansion
  • Partnering with IKEA on solar power
  • Roofs are low hanging fruit
  • The commitment to net-zero

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Changing The Story Podcast with Michael Ashley & Neil Sahota: