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Do or Do Not. Trying is Dead. Changing the Story with Rob Angel, Author, Inventor of Pictionary

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Feeling overwhelmed by all your tasks? Success lies in being comfortable when you’re uncomfortable. Hear the story of Rob Angel who went from being a server to the creator of an international best-selling board game by embracing his discomfort.

Our Guest

While waiting on tables, Robert Angel created the international best selling board game, Pictionary. He is also the author of a new book, Game Changer, on how he turned a simple game into a bestselling phenomenon. He loves speaking to entrepreneurs, college students, and businesses, sharing the many lessons he learned in business and life.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • How to be ok when outside of your comfort zone
  • Must tell yourself the role you are to have the right mindset
  • Don’t think too far ahead
  • Avoid overthinking and focus on execution

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Changing The Story Podcast with Michael Ashley & Neil Sahota:  

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