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Civility, Far More Than Just a Word: Changing the Story with Russ Charvonia

​​Is civility dead? Russ Charvonia shares why we seem to be losing our sense of it… and how we can get it back… and why we need it to solve the big problems of the world.

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Our Guest

Russ has worked in the financial services industry since 1980. He is a co-founder of Channel Islands Group, providing financial and wealth management advice to individual and business clients. He holds several professional designations, earning his Juris doctor degree from Ventura College of Law in 2003. He is the founder of Channel Islands Law Group in Ventura, which specializes in estate and charitable gift planning. Russ also has a mediation practice, where he helps parties identify and craft creative solutions to difficult problems.

Russ volunteers his professional services to several non-profit organizations in his community, including currently serving as president of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation board. He is president of the Worldwide Civility Council and heads the Masonic Family Civility Project. He previously served as a director on the board of The Midnight Mission for two years. He is active in Temple Beth Torah in Ventura, having served as its president. He also volunteers for Channel Islands Restoration, helping to restore the Channel Islands to their native condition. He serves as treasurer for the Conflict Resolution Institute of Ventura County.

He served as Grand Master of Masons of California in 2014/15, serving more than 50,000 members.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • The need for civility
  • Balancing civility with constructive conflict
  • Investing in personal growth and helping others so we can solve big problems
  • The challenge of “too worried about being wrong”

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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