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Artistic Intelligence

Art + Sustainability + Technology = Real Change

Sustainability is the goal. Technology is the tool. Art is the motivator/influencer for behavioral change.
Artistic Intelligence explores the re-imaging of our world through art and AI. We pursue questions like: How can machines enhance rather than replace what humans do? Where should the human end and the machine begin, or is it human and machine collaboration? How do artists use emerging technology to create new modes of artistic expression? How can artists working with AI contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

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Artistic Intelligence

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Meow Wolf

Recognized in Fast Company’s 2020 list of World’s Most Innovative Companies, Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company that creates immersive, interactive experiences to transport audiences...

Sofia Crespo

Sofia Crespo is an artist working on envisioning Artificial Life and generative lifeforms. One of her main focal points is the way organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate...

Alex Braga

Alex Braga is the first artist to use a revolutionary new instrument called A-MINT. It is the first adaptive Artificial Intelligence working in real-time for the artist to explore...

Taryn Southern

Taryn Southern is an artist, storyteller, and digital personality with more than 750 million views across her online videos. She has a longstanding fascination with Internet culture and influence....